Rijksmuseum tour

Bringing Rembrandt's Colors to Life

The Rijksmuseum is a national treasure and a temple to the history of art in the Netherlands but how do you start to look at so much art.

In the Rijksmuseum Highlight Tour you discover some of the most famous and influential works of art in Dutch history.

As an official Guest Tour Guide, I will show you how the old masters used oil paints to create stunning and realistic portraits, landscapes and scenes from everyday life.

You will also learn about the historical and cultural context of these paintings, and how they reflect the values and aspirations of the Dutch people in the Golden Age.

Let’s begin our journey through the museum and enjoy the beauty and diversity of Dutch art.


These personal and private tours that start at 180 euros for up to 4 persons for 2 hours.


Eric was great; clearly very knowledgeable but yet welcoming and approachable. His insights made our time in the museum much more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Kirsten, Todd & Henry – New York, New York

I particularly appreciated his tour, which blended history with important features of the art we viewed and fascinating explanations of technique.

Anne – Washington D.C.

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