Rembrandt’s Pigments

Did you ever wonder how the great Dutch master painter Rembrandt made his paints?

Join me for a unique workshop where you will learn the secrets of how to make paint from natural ingredients, just like the artists of the 17th century did.

You will discover the history and science behind this ancient process and enjoy the satisfaction of making paint yourself.

With only 14 different pigments, Rembrandt created more than 360 masterpieces that amazed the world. There is nothing like the richness and vibrancy of pure paint, created with stones, minerals and linseed oil.

It’s fun, and it’s relaxing. Imagine mixing your own colors and creating your own art with them.

Explore the genius of Rembrandt and feel like a master yourself.

2 hours for 1 up to 4 people is 300 euros materials included. 

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Rembrandt Paint Maker is also available for Road Shows.

Great for family events or Corporate Team Building

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