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Rembrandt City Tour

The center of Amsterdam is the same as it was 400 years ago where Rembrandt walked the same tiny alleys, foot bridges and canals that we will walk. This has also been my neighborhood since 1999 and I had the privilege to work in Rembrandt’s studio for 22 years where he painted and made his etchings.

Our journey will take us to places where Rembrandt lived and worked. You will get to know his friends & neighbors and the paintings Rembrandt made of them, like his most famous painting “The Night Watch”.  Not only will I show you where Rembrandt hung out with his drinking buddies but I will give you the inside information on pigments and techniques used to create these masterpieces.


Our journey starts at the Kloveniersdoelen (Now the Doelen Hotel), where “The Nightwatch” originally hung. I have the exclusive privilege to show you this hidden 17th century city wall that won’t be on any other tour. When available we can also see the room where it hung, now a luxury suite in the hotel, with a life size copy of this masterpiece.

We will visit 3 additional locations where this famous painting hung and other places associated with Rembrandt’s life in Amsterdam. This will take us through the Old Jewish Quarter, the vibrant New Market, the famous Red-Light District and the Dam Square where the city began over 750 years ago.

This is a 2-hour walking tour of roughly 2.5 mile (4 km), so please wear some good walking shoes.

These personal and private tours that start at 180 euros for up to 4 persons for 2 hours. 

For an additional 90 euros we can include the Rembrandt House Museum making it a 3 hours tour. Excluding tickets.


Golden Age Tour

Discover the history and culture of Amsterdam during the Golden Age Tour. You will start at the West India House, where the Dutch West India Company was founded and where New York was traded for Suriname. Then, you will explore the Jordaan neighborhood, a former working-class area that is now home to many art galleries, cafes and hidden gardens called Hofjes. Next, you will stroll along the Canal Belt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases the wealth and power of Amsterdam in the 17th century. Finally, you will end at the Palace on the Dam, the former city hall that was transformed into a royal palace by King Louis Napoleon.

These personal and private tours that start at 270 euros for up to 4 persons for 3 hours. 

Old Town Tour

If you want to explore the history and culture of Amsterdam, join me for an Old Town Tour. We will start on the Dam Square, where you can admire the royal palace and learn about its origins. Then we will visit the Begijnhof, a secluded courtyard that was once home to a religious community of women. Next, we will walk along the canal belt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases the city’s architectural beauty and wealth. Along the way, we will pass through the old Jewish neighborhood and see Rembrandt’s house, where the famous painter lived and worked. Finally, we will end our tour at De Waag and the Old church, two of the oldest and most iconic buildings in Amsterdam.

These personal and private tours that start at 270 euros for up to 4 persons for 3 hours.



Custom Tours

If you want to explore the history and culture of Amsterdam, you might be interested in a custom tour of the city. Let me know the different locations you would like to visit, such as the old center, the canal belt, Jordaan, the 9 streets, the Old Jewish Neighborhood or the Rijksmuseum and I will put together a tour showing you the highlights and hidden gems of each area. You will learn about the architecture, art and traditions of Amsterdam, and get a glimpse of its past and present. My custom tours are flexible and tailored to your preferences and schedule. Contact me today to book your tour and discover the beauty and charm of Amsterdam.

These personal and private tours that start at 180 euros for up to 4 persons for min. 2 hours. 

90 euros for each additional hour.


Eric was a really good guide. He knew the content very well and was able to get technical about the art and the materials. He was terrific and I would recommend him as a guide to my friends.

Joan & David, New York, New York

Eric is a very smart, easy going tour guide. He doesn’t let on how incredibly well-educated he is until it becomes obvious. Thank you for such a lovely afternoon learning so much about Rembrandt.

Rachel & Jim – Baltimore, Mayland

Eric is well qualified, speaks very clearly, answered all our questions, and was delightful company. The tour was just what I was hoping for us. I learned more than I ever expected to learn.

Carol, Page & Nathan – Richmond, Virginia

Very knowledgeable about painting techniques and the Rembrandt house. Enjoyed the walking tour.

John & Carole – Chicago, Illinois